Welcome to BETmarket - an independent betting platform !

The “Login” button in the upper left corner of the trading terminal offers you a popup intro page with 16 consecutive cells.

Each cell like ( key1, key2, key3 ) allows you to form from left to right your personal private key. It will be encrypted by SHA and accessible for nobody, except the one customer, logged the portal. The registration occurs instantly after each unique log-in (Agreement paragraph 2.1 ) and automatically creates an account ! It allows you to obtain full control without additional registration or disclosure of your personal data. The system like-wise requires double confirmation of your private key and then you flagged inside your personal trading e~cabinet.

After the first registration user have assigned with the personal ID in accordance with the queue. It would be always visible above the content menu. Inside the trading terminal you may see rows with demo quotes and in order to get access to real trading just click the menu on your favourite team or sport player. The punter may place betting orders until it fulfilled by the market and keep positions overnight, making betting investments in the future without fear of losing everything at once! That is why gambling addiction or gambling disorder will not affect you after trading on BETmarket.

The submission of betting orders and the implementation of our portal are very different from the generally accepted norms in the betting industry and increasingly resembles ordinary exchange.

Try to explore the new interface, personal e-cabinets and check our superior security before you start to operate.


Alex Rihter, CEO